Our Building

Built in 1996, the design is interesting and practical.

Our beautiful building consists of two sections. The church, where the Liturgy is offered to all and the community hall.

  • Our Church

    When you first enter the church, your eyes are immediately drwan to the iconaclast and the beautiful mural behind it. As you look around, you see the beautiful icons and stained glass windows. You get a warm inviting feeling. You may beggin to wonder how such a small church area can hold a congregation. If you look to the wall behind the last pews, you will notice two large doors. The design of our building allows us to expand the church through these doors into the community room when more space is needed.

    Here the faithful come for Divine services and for receiving the Holy Sacrament.

  • Community Hall

    The community hall is where you will find our store every Friday from noon till five pm. The space is large and can hold more than a hundred people.

    Two great organizations hold their meetings here. The Knights of Columbus and Bereavement group. Check out the calendar for meeting dates and times.


8064 Weeping Willow St.
Brooksville, Fl 34613
(352) 667-1621
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