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If you would like to help by donating please make checks out to St. Andrew's Ukrainian Catholic Church. On the memo line of the check please indicate that it is for Ukrainia. Either drop the check off in the collection basket during service or mail to the church. If you would like to donate cash please put in a separate envelope, indicate on envelope that it is for Ukrainian effort and drop in collection basket.

Please Pray for Ukrainia.

St. Andrew's Ukrainian Catholic Church welcomes you one and all.

"God is a fire that warms and kindles the heart and inward parts. Hence, if we feel in our hearts the cold which comes from the evil - for the devil is cold - let us call on the Lord. He will come to warm our hearts with perfect love, not only for Him but also for our neighbor, and the cold of him who hates the good will flee before the heat of His countenance."

St. Seraphim of Sarov

What is Ukrainian Catholic?

We're Catholic, but not Roman Catholic. So, what are we?

In simplistic terms, the Ukrainian Catholic Church, also known as the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, is a part of the Catholic Church that observes the same traditions as does Eastern Orthodoxy. It is, however, very much part of the Catholic Church. The current head of the Universal Catholic Church, and hence the Ukrainian Catholic Church, is Pope Francis.

Many people do not know the Catholic Church consists of over twenty churches. The largest by population is the Roman Catholic Church. The non-Roman Catholic Churches fit into one of six liturgical traditions: Alexandrian, Antiochene (or Syrian), Armenian, Byzantine, Maronite, and Chaldean. The Ukrainian Catholic Church follows the Byzantine tradition, and traces its origins to the Union of Brest in 1596 A.D., when the Church in Kyiv entered into communion with Rome.

Differences between Ukrainian Catholicism and Roman Catholicism range from minor to significant. Ukrainian Catholics cross themselves from right to left, not left to right; Holy Communion is always distributed directly into the mouths of communicants by a priest using a spoon; and married Ukrainian Catholic men can be ordained as priests or deacons. However, unmarried clergy may not marry and widowed clergy may not remarry.

Ukrainian Catholics celebrate their faith with the Divine Liturgies of St. John Chrysostom and St. Basil the Great, which are quite different from the Roman Catholic Liturgy as reformed by the Second Vatican Council. Roman Catholics may also notice the absence of the Filioque ("and the Son") during the Profession of Faith. All Eastern Catholic Churches use the original version of the Creed of the Council of Nicea without the added words.

Outside of the U.S. and western Canada, many Ukrainian Catholics, especially those in Ukraine, follow the Julian ("Old") Calendar as opposed to the Gregorian ("New") Calendar. The latter is used by the Western Churches—Catholic and Protestant—and in all civil societies.

In these ways and others, Ukrainian Catholics may seem more Eastern Orthodox than Roman Catholic. However, all Catholics, regardless of their liturgical tradition, may receive Holy Communion in Ukrainian Catholic churches.

Roman Catholic - Ukrainian Catholic

One of the biggest differences most Roman Catholics would see between the Roman rite and Byzantine rite is the way the Mass — or as it is called in the Byzantine rite, Divine Liturgy, — is celebrated.


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